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Auburn Furs - Not Going to AC Party Saturday 6/25 at 6pm

Not going to AC? That sounds like an amazing excuse to have a local meetup so we can party it up. I have compiled a list of reasons why this is a good idea:

-You won't have a bazillion creeper fanboys following you everywhere.
-You won't have to beg your friend for a hotel room at the last minute.
-In fact, you won't pay for a hotel at all.
-You won't have to pay $100's in travel
-You will get to meet local furs :D
-Mirage in fursuit = adorable.
-You will be awesome.
-You may spontaneously combust from the sheer amount of awesome you will have.

Holy crap, you will save TONS OF MONEY and have AMAZING FUN. BRILLIANT!

If the weather permits, the hot tub will be available (there's like a 30% chance of rain). If you need directions, feel free to contact me by carrier pidgeon, smoke screen, two tin cans connected by string, or by E-Mail. Please remember if there is room in our driveway to park, please use that first before parking on the curb.

Let's recap: YOU + Mirage's Party on 6/25 at 6:00pm = Amazing Fun

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I need people to interview and the like for a class (ethnographic methods - which is basically how to study cultures anthropologically) I don't have the questions for said interview yet, but you'd remain anonymous and be given a pseudonym - or if you want I could use your fursona's name. I'd especially like to talk to fursuiters.
Thanks guys :)

- Rosh


Is there going to be any sort of shindig type thing for January birfdays? I know that Tobias, Sarakazi, and I all have birthdays in Jan. DAMMIT CELEBRATE THE DAY OF MY BIRTH! And Tobias'a and Sarakazi's. But more importantly me. ME
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Halloween Party


Just wanted to let everyone know we are doing a Halloween Party at my place on Saturday around 4pm. We will be doing some kind of group dinner as well :>

If you need directions or anything like that, just comment, or give us a call! :]

Hi there!

Hey everyone. I've been in Auburn a year, and after randomly searching today, I discovered that an online furry group existed. Really glad to have google-fu and it's amazing locating abilities.

I'm Wulfy, who you may have met on campus if you ever drop by AU. I am not an avid fan of blogs, live journal, facebook, etc, but I've given the others a try, so I signed up for this site to say hey to you guys, chat abit, maybe make a friend or two, and just because I haven't tried it yet.


It's quite awesome to join this little community and it'll be nice to talk to you guys in the future, I'm sure.
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Well i'm looking for a new place to stay. I used to live with my parents until me and my stepdad got in a fight. Not and argument but a fist fight. My parents got ahold of my truck wich i'm paying $440 a month, and the danm things got me $1000 in debt. Now i'm out of the house. I do have a stable source of income ($400 a week-fulltime) a street motorcycle to drive and a dirtbike wich i can sell as a last resort. does anyone know of any cheap apartments or anything like that?
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The Friday Night Awesome Plan

Just wanted to post an update as to tonight's agenda.

Around 6:00 we should be ready on our end for company, and hopefully the nugget tray will be here around 6:30. Thank you Ark! :D

Nomming will commence and there are showtimes for IronMan 2 at the following times:
# 7:00 pm
# 8:15 pm
# 8:40 pm

There's really one every hour pretty much, but I figured that's about the time where we will be done eating and stuffs :>